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Node Director

Larry Stewart (History) <l.stewart@usask.ca>



Lesley Biggs (Women's and Gender Studies) <lesley.biggs@usask.ca>

William Buschert (Philosophy) <will.buschert@usask.ca>

Erika Dyck (History, Canada Research Chair in History of Medicine) <erika.dyck@usask.ca>

Sarah Hoffman (Philosophy) <sarah.hoffman@usask.ca>

Simonne Horwitz (History) <simonne.horwitz@usask.ca>

Allison Muri (English) <allison.muri@usask.ca>

Roger Pierson (Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences) <pierson@erato.usask.ca>

Lisa Smith (History) <lisa.smith@usask.ca>

Martha Smith-Norris (History) <martha.smith-norris@usask.ca>

Raymond Stephanson (English) <raymond.stephanson@usask.ca>

Larry Stewart (History) <l.stewart@usask.ca>


Graduate Students

Katherine Allen <kja838@mail.usask.ca>
(History, MA program)
18th century herbal remedies, from both a biological perspective and a gender perspective

Leslie Baker
(History, PhD program)
Dissertation title: Institutionalizing Eugenics: Class, Gender and Education in Nova Scotia’s Eugenic Policies, 1890-1961

J. Marc MacDonald <jmm328@mail.usask.ca>
(History, PhD program)
Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth History of Science, Industry and Culture

Matthew Mossey
(History, MA program)
Thesis title: Caring for Cancer: Science and Politics of Cancer Services in Canada

Derek Postnikoff <dlp537@mail.usask.ca>
(Interdisciplinary Studies, PhD program)

Frances Reilly <f.reilly@usask.ca>
(History, PhD program)
Theme: Cold War Science and Medicine in Society

Amy Samson <ams445@mail.usask.ca>
(History, PhD program)
Dissertation title: Surveillance, Coercion, and Resistance: Public Health Nursing and Eugenics in Twentieth Century Alberta




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