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Workshop: Spaces of Science, September 5-6th, Delta Bessborough Hotel, Saskatoon.

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Situating Science is a national research cluster geared toward promoting Science and Technology Studies and History and Philosophy of Science (STS/HPS) in Canada. The main goals in clustering Canadian research in STS/HPS are to promote scholarly and public engagement with science and technology by fostering co-ordinated research at the highest levels within the STS/HPS community in Canada and by aiding the communication of the results of this research to the public. Funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, the cluster is about bringing together active researchers in STS/HPS in a concerted and strategic effort to exchange skills and knowledge amongst the regions and particular focused themes of STS/HPS in Canada and its partnerships and publics. For more information on the cluster as a whole, see the Situating Science national site.

In the University of Saskatchewan node of the cluster, various faculty in the disciplines of Philosophy, Women and Gender Studies, English and History (including a Canada Research Chair in the History of Medicine) are engaged in STS/HPS research. Under the theme of historical epistemology and ontology, researchers at the U of S are engaged in work on the history of early modern science, cell and evolutionary theory, and dark matter physics. Under the theme of scientific communication and its publics, one researcher is investigating Newtonianism and popular culture, another is examining early modern science and theatre, a third is studying democracy and public policy in relation to technology.


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